Wednesday, August 20, 2008

...what? it's our anniversary... crap!!

I know you are supposed to do something grand and exciting for your 5th anniversary, but when you have pregnant brain things happen. Like bad things, bad like forgetting that it is your anniversary. I kept talking about it, kept mentioning that 'I can't believe it's been 5 years.' That morning I blogged about it, and left a card out for Darrik. But that evening I had scheduled appointments so we couldn't even go out to dinner together to celebrate, and we were pretty busy the entire week so we never did anything. Darrik didn't mind, he is so patient about this sort of thing. But if he would have forgotten... all hell would have broken loose. I am really lucky to have him. He is such an amazing man. He didn't forget. He brought me home these amazing flowers and told me how much he loved me, even though I forgot our anniversary. I love you Darrik!!

Baby Update!

I need to give an update on our little man. As previously mentioned, he was measuring and weighing in at a whopping 5 lbs 2 oz at 33 weeks. The doctor told us if he continues to weigh more than normal at each appointment that he would induce me early. He also mentioned that he could have had a growth spurt and that everything could just be normal. But for some reason, I jump to conclusions. 'He is coming early, WOW, that's great, whoa, it's soon...' I was both excited and nervous by the news. I can't wait to meet our little guy, but at the same time, I am feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things that still need to be done before he gets here. I am also nervous by the great responsibility that comes with having a child. Not that I didn't know this before, but it is finally starting to sink in that I am going to be a parent. Me! So I'm freaking out just a little bit... So, we went to my appointment yesterday and things looked good. He was active, the chord wasn't wrapped around his neck, his hear rate was good, he was still a HE, and still as cute as an ultrasound can do justice. However, he is only measuring at 5 lbs 12 oz. Phew! I was actually relieved, it was just a growth spurt after all. He is right on track for his due date, and that gave me comfort. The doctor also re-checked my record and told me that I was actually only 34 weeks and 3 days, which was 4 days off from what I had calculated. I know this doesn't mean much, but I was going to start going in every week after yesterday's appointment, but now I won't go in for two weeks when I'm just over 36 weeks. No big deal. I still have a little bit of time, and that is basically alright with me. I have had a really good pregnancy. I have never thrown up, I have rarely been sick, no weird cravings (other than pigs in a blanket my first couple of months), my body hasn't grown astronomically huge like I anticipated, I've only gained 24 lbs thus far (I know there is still time), and I haven't had too hard of a time sleeping (as long as I have my pillow fortress), my feet only get swollen when I wear shoes I know I shouldn't, and I've had a small amount of acid reflux and heart burn, but nothing too bad. So I've been feeling pretty good. I told Darrik that if every pregnancy was this good we were going to have 10 kids. Ha ha ha. If any of you know him, this wasn't funny. But these last couple of days have brought a different side of pregnancy for me. Aches and pains all over, total fatigue, braxton hicks, crazy nerves shooting down in 'areas', sciatic nerve pain in my back, loss of appetite, terrible nights sleep, anger, anxiety and holy cow the hormones. So, I've decided that whenever he wants to come is alright with me. We will work it all out and I will be happy no matter what.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Car Seat Advice!

It is coming down to the wire and I still can't decide on a car seat. So all you mom's out there, and other's with some expertise in this area please advise. I've read many reviews but I trust my friends reviews more than anything. I really like the chicco brand car seats. Also the chicco brand have been rated number 1 on consumer reports, so I'm leaning that direction. I do have two in mind, one, the Chicco KeyFit, color: Extreme:

If I get this car seat, then I have to purchase a stroller that goes with it, it doesn't come with one, like a travel system. But I haven't seen anyone with this one... yet. And I think it's super cute, and would be worth the extra cost. See stroller below:

The other car seat I like comes as a travel system. The Chicco Cortina Travel System color: Sahara.

I think it is cute as well, but I know a ton of people who have the same one. I know it's not a big deal who has what, and I am totally over analyzing this, but any suggestions would help me out a ton. Also, if you have a carseat set that you love that I haven't mentioned please let me know. Also tell my why you love it. And if you don't like the ones I have listed please tell me why. Thank you in advance for your help!! :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy 5th Anniversary Darrik & Kami!!!

I just need to take a minute or two to say how grateful I am for this man, and for our wonderful marriage. I can't believe it's been five years since that day. Time flies when you're having fun and we definately have fun together.





Here's to many more fun times in the future! I love you honey! Happy Anniversary!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Belly Shots

I am currently 33 weeks and 5 days! Here are some shots of my ever growing belly!

The doctor estimates the baby to be about 5 lbs 3 oz as of right now. He says he could have had a growth spurt, but if he continues to grow at this fast pase he will induce me at 36 or 37 weeks. Which is only 2 or 3 weeks away. We'll see what he says next week. That is a little early for me, I think he needs some more cooking time (or mom needs some more nesting time) But, our little guy might be here earlier than we planned, and that would be so exciting! YIPEE!!!