Friday, January 1, 2010

January Jubilee

My cute mom turned 50 in January.  We got a bunch of black balloons and had a small party. She made us promise that we wouldn't do anything big or crazy for her birthday, so we didn't.  It was just our immediate family.  She got a bunch of cute things. A new red coat, a new cute hat, a necklace, a watch.   My mom is the best. She is so much fun!  We have such a good time with her, or at her expense, but she can always make us laugh.

One morning in January Brock got into the pantry and got out a Twinkie.  I decided that I wanted to be grandma for a day and let him eat it for breakfast.  He was so happy, and made a huge mess.

Playing some tunes on his bath flutes.

Brock fell down a lot in January, and split his lip open a few times. 

Brock used to do this every day.  He would go into the lazy susan and pull out the cans of food and walk them over to the table.  I don't know why, but he loved doing it. Silly kid.

Love this crooked smile.

Loves olives.

Broom dance.

Drake came and stayed with us for a few nights.  Brock had a blast with his little friend.

Eating an apple whole. This is how he likes to eat them.


We went to a wedding in January. 

Brock fell down again, and got a fat lip.