Wednesday, January 28, 2009

4 Month Old Brockers

Brock you are now 4 months old. Mommy can hardly believe it. We took you to Dr. Pruitt for your 4 month check up and you are a healthy boy. BIG and healthy.

You have been a little bit more fussy than normal here and there. Not too bad though. For the most part you only really cry when you are hungry, and fuss when it's time for your naps, which you still take 4 a day. The doctor says you could possibly be teething will all the drool you've been producing. (holy cow the drool) He also checked your ears and your left ear drum is sucked in a little bit, but he said it is nothing to worry about right now. He listened to your heart and your bowels. Checked your eyes and your manhood. He found some skin down there that was pulled up and stuck in an odd way and he had to pull it down. You let out a loud grunt when he did this. Nothing major to report. Overall you are very healthy. You got your 4 month shots and you did not like them this time around. You cried for about 2 minutes. But not too bad, just more than last time.

Brock Stats

Weight: 16 lbs 2 oz (85%)

Height: 26 inches (90%)

Head Circumference: 16.5 inches (50%) your head is getting bigger which is good, at least I think so.

Favorite toy: You love your bouncer and you love your bumbo chair


Best Friend: Still daddy

But you have a few other very good friends. Below is Talmage. You guys are 1 week apart. You are a very large boy... sorry buddy, we don't know where you got it.

Accomplishments: You rolled over on January 11, tummy to back, but only once so far. You are getting better at tummy time, you can hold his head up forever, you can also scoot a little bit. You are also sitting up for 5 - 10 seconds by yourself.

Favorite body part: You love your hands and feet

first words (sounds really) - ah goo (the goo part is a throat gurgle), ah gul uck gul uck gul uck (from behind his binki, so cute)

nick names - Brocky, B Rock, Brocko, B man, Mr. B, Brockers, Lil Stink

Our little monkey

My favorite outfit on you

Laughing boy

This hat will fit you in about 2 months, but it's so cute now

Brocko and Mom-o

Laughing at the doctor's office
This is what happens when daddy tends you. You were such a good helper, helping daddy fold the laundry that you wore your self out and fell asleep right in the middle of the towels.
Taking a nap with daddy.... shhhh don't wake daddy
Nana and Brocky

GG and Brock

And last but not least, well maybe least... some blow out pictures. I know!! GROSS!!! But they were the worst ones yet so I had to document. The top two were from yesterday. That is how you woke up. I heard you in your crib just jibber jabbing away so I got up and went in to get you and the stench was horrible. I pulled you out to find this:

Down your legs and up to your neck. Good morning to you too! And you were happy as could be. Silly little monkey. There was no trying to get out of a trip to the bath. Poop was every where. YIKES!!!
The one below however was a couple of weeks ago. I heard you over in your bouncer just a tooting away. I asked daddy if you were pooping or just farting. He went over and checked and said, I think he's just farting I can't see anything. So he went to class. I came over and picked you up and this is what I found. WHAT??? How could you miss this? Ha ha ha. Very funny daddy. And yes, another trip to the tub.

We love you little man, poop and all! Happy 4 months!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jack came to play!

One of my very best friends Stefani came into town and brought her little baby Jack! He is such a cutie. Brock and Jack are going to be best friends.

Look at this sweet face. He is showing us his new little teeth.

We layed the babies down by each other and Jack kept trying to eat Brock's face, or stick his fingers in Brock's mouth. He is so cute!

Jack is 4 months older than Brock, but they are close to the same size. Brocky is a tank. Tall and solid.

Two little buddies!!

We love it when Jack comes to play. Come play with us any time!!

Our little monster...

Halloween!!! We had a fun Halloween...2 months ago... We had a ward party and a friend party to go to. Lots of fun. Here are some pictures.

I can't believe how little my baby looks in this picture. He is almost 4 months old now and doesn't look anything like this any more. Love this kid!

If you couldn't tell, Brock is our fire breathing dragon. I'm the princess and Darrik is my knight in shining armor.

Sound asleep, so cute!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas in Review...

I know Christmas was a month ago, but I'm a little bit slow. Soon I will post Halloween. But don't get your hopes up. One of my New Year's resolutions was to post once a week. So far that hasn't happened. I have about 15 goals that I'm working on. I'll get to it.

This was Brock's first Christmas. It was so fun for us to get all ready for the big day and pretend that he was excited for Santa to come. In reality it was pretty much just like every other day to him. But he is such a happy kid it was fun to show him his new toys and have him giggle and smile. So that worked for me. I love Christmas!

Every Christmas Eve we get together with Darrik's side. We meet somewhere for breakfast and they give all of us money, then we all go shopping together. This year Darrik's mom made breakfast and we went lots of places for shopping. Costco, Best Buy, Sam's Club, Layton mall. We had a lot of fun. This is a great tradition.
Cousins Camilla, Alexa and Brocky

Brocko with Grandpa Rich

Brock, cousin Gavin, aung Sharelle and Grandpa

Brock looking up at Grandma Teresa (Darrik's mom, can you see where Brock gets his red hair)

Cousin Savannah holding Brock

Aunt Chelsea and cousin Avery

This is another family tradition for our family. We have dinner at my parents every Christmas Eve. Our Christmas Eve dinner used to be clam chowder... yuck! But none of the kids liked it, so we switched to home made pizza. That is something every one liked. When Darrik joined our family he started making the pizza dough. We love it! Another tradition we have is discussing the birth of Jesus Christ. My dad always starts the discussion and we all take turns asking questions or giving comments. I think I learn something new every year. I love my dad for keeping the spirit of Christmas alive.

These are my cute sisters in our new pj's. Every year, like so many other people, we open one present on Christmas eve. It's always pajamas.

The sisters getting crazy!!

Darrik and Kami in our new pj's.

Our little family in our pj's in front of my parents Christmas tree.

Makell and her fiance Garrett posing in their new pj's.

Christmas morning at our house, opening presents.

Brock is thrilled about his new bouncer, can you tell?

This was my favorite present. Darrik got me an external hard drive. I love it!!

arrik with his Christmas presents.
Brocker in his new Christmas outfit, so handsome!

Brock at my parents with his new toys. He is so happy about this one.

This is at our Christmas party with our friends. We had tons of fun. We played bunko for a gift exchange game. We had sandwiches on yummy rolls, salads, treats, and yummy desserts. We love our friends.

Tyson & Amy
Jordan, Maczil & Rob
Rachael & Shaylee

Taya & Maryann

Justin, Michelle & Colby

Lance, Marie & Carso

Sarah & Lily
Rustin, Brett, Kere, Ceara, Maryann, Clay and Ashley



So that was Christmas in a not so much nut shell. We had a lot of fun spending time with family and friends and remembering the reason for the season, Christ's birth. We had a wonderful Christmas lesson the Sunday before Christmas, that helped a lot. Merry Christmas everyone, last month...!!