Sunday, January 30, 2011

Joyous January

Our January went a little something like this...

We did a lot of fun things, and tonight we did blast off to the moon before bed time. Brock loved spinning in his chair until he couldn't walk straight. I didn't get any pictures though, but we had fun. We also rode our horse Bullseye to bed. 

(you'll notice in many of these pictures that Brock's toys have seemed to multiply in our family room. This is not an illusion. He makes huge messes every day. We try to clean up each night, but what's the use? It'll just be messy again tomorrow, right? ha ha ha)

Brock can make many different facial expressions. This is Brock's mad face.

Happy face of course

"Do the 'eyes' face..." It really doesn't make any sense, but this is what he does when we say that.

His sleeping face.

Brock watches me get ready in the morning and always wants to be like mommy. He wants to wash his face, brush his hair, wants to put on mascara, and other make-up. I have to keep telling him, make-up is for girls. But headbands are ok for boys to wear... right?  hahaha

This was at Brock's his cousin Avery's princess/prince birthday party. Chelsea goes all out and even got some things for the boys to wear.  Brock wore his crown almost the whole party. They had a really fun time. Thanks Chels.

This is our knight in shinning armor slaying the dragon.

The prince and princess

Gotta love the cousin kisses.

And the hugs!

And the dancing.  They are such good buds.

We had a game night at our friends and here's our little tripplets watching a movie together. These kids on the left are kids of some our best friends. They were all born in the same month. I can't believe they are getting so big.

They are so funny!

Ok, it's blurry, but still effective. This is Brock's 'I tackle mommy' face. I die laughing every time he does it. Then we wrestle, tickle and laugh our faces off. It's so fun.

For my mom's birthday this year we decorated her house and made her dinner. We all had food assignments and Makell and I decorated. I made these pom pom balls and the circle paper garland.

Happy Birthday mom! We love you.

Makell has a super cool vinyl cutter that also cuts paper. She made these little signs and the cake toppers.

This was really cool until the paper caught on fire. I guess that was cool too. ha ha ha.

Our little cousin Halle celebrated her first birthday in January as well.  They had us over for some yummy desserts. Chelsea is an amazing party planner and hostess. Look at this table of treats and the incredible decorations. She made them all.
Little Halle.

Brock loved Halle's new present, so fun race cars. You pull them backwards then they speed off. Very cool. Thanks Halle for letting me play with your new toys.

We also celebrated National Pop Corn day in January, by eating pop corn. Original, right?

Here is my craft project for January. I started it a while ago with my mom and sisters, but it was my goal to finish it in January, and I did it.

Paper Wreath.

It goes in our family room on the side of the entertainment center . It will look better once I get some other things to go with it. It looks kind of plain right now.

Tonight Brock wanted to wear some of the headbands I made, and insisted that I wear one too. He is so funny.

Here's Darrik doing some homework.  He has been working 50-60 hour weeks and going to school at night. He is working hard for us and we really appreciate it. He is liking his new job and it has been really good for us. We are very grateful. Love ya babe!

And watch out, cuz this little monkey will tackle you.

And a few movies for your entertainment:

Brock thinks it's hilarious when Darrik bounces the soccer ball on his head. He laughs so hard. I love it.

 Brock also loves to dance. He always shakes, bounces, or jumps when he hears music. (and there is the mess I was referring to earlier)

And that was January!