Thursday, October 16, 2008

Picutres of Brock!

I forgot to add pictures to the post below. I didn't take any from the blow out events. I'm not sure that you would want to see those. Below is the outfit he was wearing, both times. Maybe it's a sign that I should stop having him wear this, but it's the perfect outfit for going out, long sleeved and a matching jacket, and super cute. But he likes to mess it up for some reason.

Me and my boy

Our second bath run, success!

Nevermind the no makeup and messy hair, my boy is the cutest!

Loving his bouncer

I put Brock on the couch to have a nap and this is how I found him. Sleeping like his mom.

Silly Brock Video

I know he is still a tiny baby and he doesn't do much in this video, but I still thought it was so cute. He kept making all these faces and being so silly. I took a bunch of pictures but decided to take a video. Please ignore my voice in the back ground...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I love being a mom!

At the bottom of my last post I mentioned that I love being a mom…

Let me just tell you how much I love being a mom. Two events that every mother has probably experienced, but they happened to me within the first two weeks of being a mom.

Event number one:
Last Saturday Darrik decided he needed new waders and boots for fishing and wanted to go to Cabelas. I told him that I wanted to come since I had been in the house for over a week and needed to do something different and needed some social interaction. So I packed up the diaper bags (notice I said bags with an ‘s’ Darrik has his own bag, his man bag), the stroller, the boppy pillow, and the child and headed down to Lehi.

Everything went fine at the store, Darrik got a new pair of boots and waders and I got some crocks with fir in them, very comfy. It was then time to feed Brock. I had everything I needed and things went well. And he ate like a champ within the confines of the small car. I felt pretty good about this. I was able to do a small outing with our new baby and things were going well.

After the trip down south, we went straight to the hospital to see my friend Lisette. She just had a new baby as well. We visited there for a while. Brock was doing great. Not fussy at all, just grinning, looking around a perfect baby. A few farts here and there. When we got to the lobby I decided that I would check his bum. How did I forget this ‘minor’ detail, it had been a while since I had changed him and I had fed him in between that time as well. What a good mother. So I took him to the yucky bathroom in the lobby of the hospital and sure enough, BLOW OUT. He was wearing my favorite outfit he has and it was died bright green. I’ve heard it happens, they always mess their pants or poop up their back on the days you have dressed them in your favorite outfit, but now it was happening to me. So much fun!! We got that all cleaned up and headed home, it wasn’t as big of a deal as I had made it, but I hate public bathrooms. Especially for my new born baby, too many germs. That was event number one.

Event number two:
Today I had my two week follow up with my doctor. Darrik got off work and took me. We waited in the waiting room for a while and then when my doctor came in he talked for a while so we were there quite a long time. After the doctor’s office we wanted to register to vote in Farmington (we usually don’t care about the elections, or politics, but we are so against Obama we had to make sure this time around that we voted).

When we got there I thought it would be a good idea to check the diaper. Yep, poopy. But I caught it in time, no leakage. So Darrik helped me change him on the trunk of the car (with his pad down of course). I got his diaper off and pulled out a wipe… the last one. A poopy diaper and only one wipe. Uh oh!! But that’s not the worst part. All the sudden I heard this sound, psssssss. I looked up to see him peeing all up the front of his onesie. And yet again, my favorite outfit. I froze for a second, ahhh what do I do, and then chucked the wipe, the only wipe we had, over his wiener. It was too late though. He had already soaked his entire shirt.

I had to take him into the restroom of the county office building to get him all cleaned up. My almost 2 week old baby into the dirty old building. Gross! But what other choice did I have. I didn’t have wipes and he was a mess. Some grandma came into the restroom and made some rude comment about how I shouldn’t be taking my baby out this early, and how he is so little and blah blah blah. I know he is too little to be out. We had no intentions of having him out out, we had him in his car seat bundled up blanket over the top. The plan was to be in and out super fast until we had this little incident. I was already frazzled enough as it was that he was out in public. I didn’t need this old lady ridiculing my parenting skills on top of it.
It all worked out though. It was an adventure, to say the least. But we lived through it. And I can still say that yes, I love being a mom. Even when this title, mom, comes with crazy adventures. But how could I get mad at this cute little face? He is definitely worth it. I love you Brock!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Brock's Story

These are the notes that Darrik took during the whole process:

Wednesday October 1, 2008
5:45 PM Darrik gave Kami a blessing
6:00 PM Loaded up and headed out
6:15 PM Wendy’s for mandarin chicken salad for dinner
6:30 PM Admitted into hospital through Emergency Room 6:35 PM Wheel chaired up to labor and delivery room 6 (Kami’s favorite number)
7:00 PM Got all hooked up 7:15 PM Nurse Cami puts in the cervidil (a drug to help her dilate over night) then we wait (started at a 1 maybe 1.5 40% effaced, according to nurse)
8:30 PM An IV was put in for easy access. It was put in the weirdest place, her wrist. Ouch!
9:30 PM Lime sublime Jamba Juice for last snack before ice chip diet
11:00 PM take Ambien to fall asleep
1:30 PM went to bed
Thursday October 2, 2008

4:30 AM received nubain for contraction pains and went back to sleep (happy drugs, seriously the best ever, within 15 seconds they were working)
8:45 AM received another dose of nubain for the pain
8:50 Brock’s heart rate had no dips or peaks, doctor thinks he is too tired or depressed to go through labor, but maybe just the pain meds wearing off
9:00 AM Epidural, catheter, water broke (meconium was found in the water)
9:30 AM Flushed the placenta of the meconium with a tube 10:05 AM started platocin on lowest possible setting 2.0
10:15 AM Brock started to come out of the nubain and heart started to react better
10:40 AM Darrik gave Kami a blessing of comfort
11:10 AM Doctor announced that we should do a c-section. Due to heart rate and meconium 11:20 AM Darrik gave Kami a priesthood blessing
11:45 AM Entered the O.R.
12:18 PM Brock born 8lbs 2oz 21 inches long
12:18-12:45 PM Brock immediately taken to get cleaned up and get his lungs sucked out, footprints done, measured, shots, blood tested and all that jazz (the nursed called out, look over your left shoulder to see him as I walk out of the room. Kami looked over to see him above her head as she rushed out of the O.R.)
Battle wound. {I know you didn't want to see that, but staples, Ouch!}
12:45 PM Kami came back to room from O.R.
12:50 PM Brock and Darrik entered into room to meet Kami
1:00 PM Kami held Brock for the first time
1:30 PM Brock was breast fed for the first time, did very well
2:00 Brock returned to nursery for a bath and to get his temp up. Kami moved to post partum room 205.
Apparently when I was on the table I was so drugged that I started saying the most bizarre things. I told everyone in the room that it was okay that I was having a c-section because 'chicks dig scars'. I also looked Darrik (my husband) right in the eye and said, 'are you dr. Healy?' I touched my head after surgery and felt my cap, and freaked out, 'am I wearing hat, who put a hat on me?' I also said, 'is the tv on, is that the news, turn it off, I hate the news.' Just random things. I also looked at my baby and said, 'he has 8 eyes'. I seriously couldn't focus. I was also really emotional. I kept trying to say, 'I'm your mom' I it came out, 'I'm your, I'm your, your, your, m, m, m, m, ahhhhhhh...' I just kept bawling. I was apparently so happy, but but so out of it. Drugs do crazy things to me.

It's kind of crazy the whole turn of events. We were very blessed to have everything happen the way it did. I have always been so scared of having a C-section, and I still was scared that day, but it's crazy how you will do anything for the safety of your child. I would have done anything. to get him here safe. I could have waited to do the cervidil until later, I was only 5 days over, and I was feeling a little impatient, but I knew that he needed to be here as soon as possible. I prayed about my decision and felt very confident in going ahead with the induction. I'm super glad that I listened to the spirit. When they pulled little Brock out the cord was also wrapped around his neck. This was possibly the cause for lower or the steady heart rate. So it was such a huge blessing that we went C-section. I am so grateful for Darrik, and his worthiness to hold the priesthood. He gave me three blessings and all of them completely different, but they were all so beautiful and I know they are the reason Brock is here safe and sound. I'm so thankful for our new little family. I know that Brock will grow into a great young man, and do great things. We are very blessed.

This is Brock's hungry face.

We had our first appointment with the doctor, doctor Pruit, on Tuesday and Brock is 100% healthy. Despite the fact that the night before I swore his temperature was low. It turns out that 96 in the arm pit and 97 in the bum is completely normal. I thought everyone was 98.6? So the nursing bare belly to belly, and sleeping that way was completely un-necessary. But it made me feel better. I'm sure it won't be the last time I freak out about something. Brock also got circumcised at his appointmet. Darrik said he was very good. (There was no way mom was going in there to watch) He screamed when they gave him the shot to numb it, but didn't make a peep after that. He also didn't cry when he got his shots in the hospital. Brave little soldier.

We gave him his first bath the other night and he hated it. I think he'll like it better when we give him an actual bath, not a sponge bath. He got cold and freaked out. But he sure looked cute in his towel. He was wrapped up for about 20 seconds before we heard a loud farting sound, and sure enough, he had pooped in his towel, no diaper... oops and it went through the towel and made a huge mess. Lots of fun for new mom and dad. We love you little guy.

Brock has been a really good baby so far. He is a very good sleeper. Fed around 10 or 11 and he sleeps until about 4 or 5. Last night he slept until 6 this morning. Good little kid! Yesterday, however, he was not a happy camper for some reason. If he didn't have his binki he was a wreck. Here is a couple picture of his freak out session. Mean mom, taking pictures of the crying child... I guess that's what moms do. That's what my mom did.

I have taken pictures of him just about every day. So here are a few favorites.

Burrito baby {this is the only way he can sleep, wrapped up tight}

This is how Brock sleeps, like an eskimo.

Brock checking out his bouncer, not quite sure about it.

Brock with his bear.

My little boy is growing up. Doesn't he look so big here. Can you tell he has a mohawk?

He fell asleep on my shoulder, how cute!

I love being a mom!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Brock Stewart Robbins - October 2, 2008

He's here, he's here, he's here!!!! We finally had our baby on October 2, 2008 at 12:18 PM. He was 8 lbs 2 oz and 21 inches long. And sooo cute!! I'll write more details later. For now I just need to show you how cute he is. But seriously, pictures don't do justice. He is so much cuter in person. I can't belive how many pictures I've taken of this little guy and he is only 4 days old. Try to ignore the first ones with me in them, I was soo druged. I ended up having a c-section but I'll explain more later.

P.S. he has red hair. Don't be alarmed though, we both have red heads in our family. We were actally pretty sure he would have red hair. And we just love it. We are so thankful for this little guy. We love him to pieces!!