Sunday, November 9, 2008

More pictures of Brock

Darrik's aunt took some pictures for us. She is amazing!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Brock - 1 month old

My little monkey!!

**Serious picture overload**

It's hard to believe my baby is already a month old. This is going to sound like a total cliché, but I’ll say it any way… It seems like only yesterday I was holding him for the first time. The time seriously flies by. He isn’t my 7 lb 7 oz little baby any more (He was 8 lbs 2 oz when he was born, but he lost weight). He is eating like crazy and is just about if not more than 10 lbs, and about 24 inches long. He is also sleeping from about 10 PM until 6 AM every night. He has been doing this just about since day one. Brock is such a happy baby. He very seldom cries. He gets fussy right before I’m going to feed him. As if to say, hurry mom, I’m starving. He also gets a little fussy or mad during tummy time. He likes it for a while, but it isn’t always his favorite. Brock has been smiling for a little while. At about 3 weeks we were able to make him smile by talking to him and tickling his face. They are short quick smiles, but we will take what we can get. Two times now during tummy time he has rolled over. I know it wasn’t on purpose but it was pretty exciting. Brock isn’t a huge burper (he mostly gets rid of his gas another way) and for a while hardly ever spit up. The last couple of days he has been throwing up quite a bit more than normal after every feeding. I need to call the doctor to find out what might be the cause for this. Brock also isn’t a huge fan of the burping positions, over the shoulder, or sitting up. I try really hard to enforce the over the shoulder approach. He is learning to like it. He is so much fun. We just adore him. It’s been a really fun month. I’ll try to re-cap with pictures. The picture above is at the park. We caught a smile on camera.

We just love his big beautiful eyes

Brock loves his daddy

Brock with Grandpa and Aunts, Cortney and Paige

Brock is learning to love the bath, no binki this time

Littlest Slugger

I had a little scare about 2 and a half weeks after Brock was born. I got a really bad cold with a terrible cough and every time I would cough my incision would bleed (but it was dark old blood). One night we went for a walk and when we got home I had a blood spot on the front of my jacket. Blood had seeped through my underwear, my pants, my tank top, my shirt and through my jacket. That was a little scary. I called the doctor and he said since it was a really dark color there should be nothing to worry about, but that I should come in to check just to be sure. It turned out to be completely fine. The doctor said that my incision had approximated (which we had no idea what that meant, we thought I was going to die… ha ha ha just kidding) which means completely closed over. There was probably just a few blood clots that needed to come out. While we were in the waiting room we couldn’t resist taking pictures of Brock in his car seat. We are obsessed with this little guy.

Sorry it's a little bit blurry

My little cousin Jaxon holding Brock

This is a horrible picture of me, but I still thought it was cute. I fell asleep in my rocking chair after burping Brock.

My boys all ready for church. They are wearing the same thing, white collar shirts and tan slacks. So cute!! Brock was 3 weeks and 3 days old when he went to church for the first time.

Another mommy sleep pose

Silly Brock

I got a new camera from Darrik as my ‘push’ gift. I’ve had fun using it. I’m not that good, but I’m learning.

Brock having a fit