Thursday, February 4, 2010


I started a little hobby, and maybe a little business? We'll see where it goes. If you would like to come to our first Boutique please email me for directions, or visit our website We will have about 10-12 vendors selling all kinds of fun things. It should be a lot of fun. Hope you can make it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

February Fun

My cute sister Paige got married in February.  My sister and I took her engagements and bridals.  We had fun and did a pretty good job.  She got what she paid for, right?

Here is Paige's shower.  We did a valentines theme. Lots of pink and red.  We had it on my birthday. I was a little put out, but just a little. I love Paige.

Mom's homemade rolls, of course!

The bride to be

The candy bar.

I was so exhausted after all the shower planning and preparation that I came home and took a 2 hour nap.  Little did I know Darrik had planned a surprise party for me, complete with a homemade birhtday cake. He made it all by himself. It was goooood too.  So while I was taking my 2 hour nap all the guests snuck in and were really quiet.  I woke up and came out into the living room and jumped about 10 feet. I was so startled.  I had to go back into my room, brush my teeth, hurry and put on different clothes and fix my hair and make-up before I came out. I had no idea my house was full of people. What a cutie. I LOVE surprises.

Paige's wedding.

The only picture I have at the temple. Brock through the glass in the waiting room. He was so funny, and so handsome!

Valentines Day was on Sunday this year, so we dressed up in our pink for church.

Darrik and I had a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory and we used it for Valentine's.  The food was so yummy and there was a ton of it. I had a fun valentines with my valentine. I love this guy!

Had to throw in the picture of naked Brock riding the dog...?

This is Lily and Brock. She wanted a kiss, but Brock was being shy. 
Look at this little face. ha ha ha

Talmage was not shy, however. He walked right up and kissed her right on the mouth. 

There is our fun February!!