Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Heart Day

Brock and I made sugar cookie dough for valentines cookies the Friday before Valentines, after we made a huge mess fort in the living room.

Brock was a big help. He was my best little taste tester ever. How do the dry ingredients taste buddy? Ha ha ha

He loves to help. He always wants to get up on a chair and help me cook whatever I'm cooking in the kitchen. I love it, most the time.  So this was really fun for him.

A few days later we rolled out the dough and cut out all the cookies.  Brock is a little spaz. I had to say to myself many times, breathe... it's ok, he's having fun.

He wanted to smash the dough, and cut, cut, cut the already cut hearts.  He was messing my hearts up, ha ha ha, and I would hand him a piece of dough to put on the cookie sheet and he would roll it into a ball and throw it. But he had fun. I had to be so patient. He is ALL boy, and Mr. Destructo, so he was crazy making cookies, but he had fun, I have to keep saying that. It was not the most fun for mom, ha ha ha.

He kept picking little pieces of dough off and eating it. Little stinker. It was so funny.

We had to do the cookies in shifts. Mixing, rolling, cutting, baking, frosting because it takes a long time, and a two-year old (and a mommy) can't last that long.  So the decorating came a few days later.

Here is us before church the day before Valentines.  Brock wearing his hot pink shirt and tie I made him.

This picture is dark, but I liked it a lot.

This was Valentine's day.  I worked all day, and left around 4:30 to go pay the mortgage, and pick up some things for dinner.  Darrik called before I left work and and asked when I was getting off. I didn't want him to know I was leaving early because I wanted to do some secret things before I got home.  I got a text right when I pulled out of the parking lot at my work. "you are not at work..." WHAT? is he stalking me? It was so creepy, and funny.  He called me and told me he was just stopping by to say hi on Valentine's Day, and Brock wanted to come in to mommy's work. I told him I had to go to the bank, and run a few errands.  When I got out of the bank, this was what my car looked like...


With this note:
 And Darrik NO where to be found.  I just sat there and laughed my head off. It made me seriously giddy. Like when we were first dating. I don't know why.  I loved it.

I got home and made us a yummy dinner of steak tenderloins, strawberry spinach salad, asparagus, baked potatoes and chocolate dipped strawberries.  We were lucky that there were still steaks in the freezer.

Dinner was SO yummy. I don't mean to brag, but I make a mean steak. It was amazing.  The chocolate strawberries didn't really turn out, but Brock loved them and ate almost all of them.

It was a wonderful, relaxed evening with the family. I loved it.  I couldn't be happier.

These were Brock's valentine's to give out... we didn't end up doing handing them out. He just used the tattoos and carries the pictures of his "friends" around. They were $0.97, so it wasn't a huge waste.

Then a few days later we decorated the sugar cookies. We had so much stuff in our cupboard from past projects, I didn't even have to buy anything.

Brock did a really good job decorating.  He was so funny. 


When he was done with this one he said, "mommy, take a picture my cookie. It CUUUUUTE!!!" I laughed so hard.  All the cookies were cute, mommy cute cookies, cute cookie dad. I was dying.

And here he is doing what he does best, fighting pose, and faces.  He keeps us laughing all day long (when he's not sick)

Scared face

Classic mad face

Love you sugar lips!!!

Happy Heart Day!!!