Friday, October 8, 2010

...Two for the Show!


(Brock's two-year pictures mixed in with everything I could think of about him)
Brock went from this...

To this...

(new pictures by Makell)

I wanted a fun tie for his pictures but didn't want to pay $20, so I found a pattern online and made one myself. 

No way! I don't believe it. Where does the time go?

I'll be the first to admit it, Brock was kind of a goofy looking baby. Remember this? Of course, I thought he was adorable, but I'm his mother, right, so I have to think that. But he was a little bit funny looking when he was first born and up until about two months old.  Is that rude? I'm not trying to be rude, I'm being honest. Anyway... I can HONESTLY say that I think he is the stinking cutest kid I've ever seen now. Seriously. He is such an adorable kid, and people tell me all the time. So it's not just me who thinks so. (ok, I'll stop talking about how cute he is because it's probably kind of annoying.)

Here are his latest stats, stories and sillies!
(more sillies than anything, this kid is nuts! And I wouldn't change it for the world.)

Height: 36.5 inches (95%)
Weight: 27.4 lbs (45%)
Head Circumference: 19 inches (50%)
Favorite Food: hot dogs, candy, ketchup, grapes
Favorite Toy: Cars, Lightning McQueen to be exact
Least Favorite Toy: Snakes (more to come on that, SO funny!!)
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Letter: B
Favorite Word: No

Brock loves to dance, shake his booty, get down, and bust a move.  This kid seriously has rhythm.  We have dance sessions just about every day.  He'll say, "dince mommy!!" then bounces up and down freaking out until I turn the music on.  He waves his arms and squats down and rolls around on the ground, shakes his booty and has this head move that makes me crack up.  Every time he hears music he dances, or moves to the beat.  He's got his mamas genes for sure on this one. ha ha

He loves books and wants me to read them over and over.  He will look at books in the car while we drive, if I'm taking a shower and need him to be occupied, throughout the day he'll find them and plop down and look through them, and every night at bedtime. After each book I finish reading he'll hold up one finger and say, "yun more mommy," (one more mommy). How can I resist his face? He is so excited about reading. He also likes to eat the pages of the book. Or rip of the flip tabs and eat those. He eats paper A LOT. I don't want to take his books away because he loves them, so we've been doing time-outs and trying the whole, you made the book sad, the book is broken because you ate it, bit.  It seems to help a little bit.  But seriously, why must you eat the books kid?  Right now his favorite books are Good Night Gorilla, Charlie Monkey, His new Cars Look and Find Book (from aunt Chelsea), Boys are Best aka the bum book (from Cyndi), and Farmyard Tales aka Sam.

He has been playing make believe a lot lately too.  He holds his hands in the shape of a ball and says, "ball mommy, uh up." then makes a throwing motion and says, "giddit mommy..." so I pretend to catch it. Then he says, "uh up ball." So we throw it up in the air.  We can play this game forever.  It's especially good when we're in the grocery store.  It keeps him occupied, and not screaming.

He will also pretend he's eating me, my face, my arms, my toes.  "Chomp, chomp, chomp.... mmmmmm mommy yummy, mmmm dood (good) mommy!"  He is so funny.

He also comes up with the most random things.  Like the other day he says, "yightneen uh meck!" (Lightning wants milk) "oh, is Lightning McQueen thirsty?" "yes, yightneen trsty mommy, uh meck." so I hand him his sippy cup and he puts it up to Lightning's face and goes, "slurp, slurp, slurp."

He will also hold his cars up above his head and say, "chi ee bane, chi ee bane, mommy sin" Wanting me to sing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for his flying cars. Ha ha I love it.

Sometimes he comes over to me and starts panting like a dog and then says, "uh doggy, mommy."

The other day I got to my moms to pick him up and he runs over to me and says, "yightneen ah bud." "WHAT? Lightning has blood?" "Yes, uh owie! Yightneen ah bud." So I looked at his little car and sure enough he had a crack on his hood, Lightning had an owie, no blood though. So Brock kissed it better.

He also likes to run and lean hard on people (that's the only way I can really describe it, he just runs into people, almost like a shoulder check) and says "uh foo ball."

The other day he had thrown his food on the floor after he was done eating.  I have been getting so frustrated with him lately for this, and I asked him, "where's your food?" and he points to the floor. "How did it get on the floor...?"  and he stops and stares at me for a few seconds and then says, "uh swim mommy, uh food swim...!" with this huge grin on his face. Then he laughs really hard and says it again.  I couldn't help but laugh. Already starting with the wild imagination. He's so funny.

When it's dark outside Brock insists that we sing, Mr. Sun. He knows most of the words, but will say, "sun, sun, sun" over and over while I sing the whole song. He'll chime in with a 'play' or a 'frees' (trees).   Then when we finish singing he'll say, "uh dark mommy?" Like why is it still dark? We sang for the sun to come out. ha ha ha

(not a new picture)
 This is Brock's kissy face. A crooked fish face. I love it!  For some reason he decided that he would make this pose when I was taking a million pictures of him eating his popsicle.  I'll take it

We've had some episodes with poop lately... like A TON! So fun, right!? So the other day I went into Brock's room to get him out of bed in the morning and he says to me, with a huge grin on his face, "uh poopy mommy!" "Did you poop? Let's change you." "NO! Uh buddy poppy!!!" "What? your blankie is poopy?" "Yeeees!!" (so happy) So I look at his blankie and sure enough there is poop on it. So I asked him how it got on there and he jumps up and down and grabs the blanket from me and says, "I keen it!!" and he takes the blaket and swings it around to his back and shoves it down his pants and yells, "I keen it mommy, uh poop!! all keen," over and over. So proud of himself. All I could do was laugh.  Good job buddy, but next time lets use a baby wipe, or let mommy 'keen' it.

Darrik was home for a few days and one of the days Brock has said, "I poop." So we waited a little bit to change him, until he was all done, but then he came up to me and SHOWED me his poop. FABULOUS KID.  Poop all stuck under his finger nails, so gross!  Daddy just laughed. So that one was mine, but the next one was daddy's.  Pretty much his whole hand was down his pants. What is this fascination with poop I'll never know. Warm, squishy, smelly?? No idea.

Another day my friend Michelle was watching him and he had been asleep for 3 hours so they went to go check on him and he was just hanging out, awake. But when she got closer she could smell poop.  Then she realized that he had it on his hands and had gotten it on his clothes and the pack n play.  Geez kid.  Keep it in your pants.  I'm so sorry Michelle.

Then tonight I had left the back door open while I was making dinner so he could go in and out.  I was almost done with dinner and hadn't heard from him in a while so I went to check on him. (right after I burned my arm on the skillet) While Darrik has been gone I haven't cleaned up dog poop.  I know I should, but its one more chore that I just don't have time for.  The dogs used to only poop on the side of the house.  But I guess its full, because there is now poop other places... LOVELY.  So I hear Brock out there making car sounds, "beep, beep, voom, {crash sounds}" and as I get closer he's holding two poop logs, dog poop logs. WHAT THE HELL!?!!!! Seriously?!! Oh my gosh. (sorry about my profanity, but that is exactly what went through my head, and out of my mouth)  So I tell him, "no, no buddy, put it down, yucky, please Brock, drop the poop." and I start walking towards him and he runs away. I'm bare foot, so I'm trying not to step in any poop, but there are land mines all over the yard. It's seriously disgusting. I'm kind of embarassed to even be disclosing this information. (it's better now because Darrik cleaned up when he was home last, but yuck)  So I finally catch him and pick him up and he starts kicking me, with poop all over his shoes.  So I'm carrying mr. poopy hands and I now have poop all over my pants.  AWESOME, JUST AWESOME! So I brought him in, cleaned myself up, and went and plopped him in the bath, grabbed a plate of food, and sat on the toilet and ate my dinner while he played in the water.  I needed a moment to chill out. I love this kid, but SERIOUSLY he drives me crazy sometimes.

The other day I put Brock down for a nap. He wasn't real interested in sleeping.  He was crying a little bit, but mostly talking to himself.  I heard him say a few things, "yightneen, vroom vroom," and "i wad doo ightneen, " and sing some random notes, and then he was talking about dog poop. I just thought he was playing.  I let him just talk, play and sing himself to sleep and he was quiet, sleeping, for about 2 and a half hours.  I then heard him in his room calling for me so I went in to get him....  Apparently he had pooped right when I put him down and them played in it and then fell asleep.  SO GROSS.  It was all over the place, dried and crusty.  It was awful. Little dried poop balls on the floor. Dried poop smeared on his hands.  Oh geez. I just had to take a deep breath and take care of it.

Darrik was home this last weekend and was outside cleaning up dog poop with Brock.  They were out there for a little bit and then all of the sudden they were running into the house. Brock was being carried by out-stretched arms with Brock's hands out in front of him, covered in dog poop.... oh kid.

Then the last poop story, at least for this post, happened the day after his birthday party. Darrik and I were in our bedroom and Brock was out in the living room playing with his toys.  Brock came into the bed room and told Darrik, "uh hands dirty daddy." So we looked at his hands and said, "is that poop?" And he just laughs, "uh poop!" OH MY GOSH KID! I went out into the living room and he had gotten it on a lot of his toys and the floor. So they all were washed with soap, water and Clorox.

AHHHHhhhhhh! I don't know what to do. If you have any suggestions PLEASE let me know. It's so ridiculous.  I've heard of taping his diaper closed around the top? Maybe we'll try that. Or maybe he's ready to potty train... who knows.

(really... that's 8 different poop stories, wow!)

Brock has very tender feelings. He feels really bad when someone, anyone, is sad.  If he hears crying, he'll say, "uh oh sad." If I need him to eat two more bites I'll tell him I'm sad, and I'll fake cry, that he won't eat, so then he'll eat more food, and then want a hug and a kiss and then he'll say, "uh happy mommy!?" He'll pretty much do whatever I want him to if I pretend to cry. I only do this on occasion, but it works every time.  He also thinks everything is fixed with kisses. Which it is, right?  Kisses are like magic.  He always wants them and always gives them to anyone who has owies, or is sad.  We were traveling home from Kansas and were in the airport elevator and there was a man in there who had a pretty bad cut on his leg.  Brock was freaking out because he wanted to kiss it, "uh kiss mommy, uh sad."  Whenever we leave somewhere and we're saying good bye to everyone, Brock wants to give everyone kisses. He makes this crooked pucker face to everyone until he's kissed everyone. It's so funny.  If he is crying I'll ask him for a kiss and he'll immediately stop and kiss me, then go back to crying.  He is so affectionate and like to snuggle and watch movies, for a little bit. He gives big loves all the time too, like squeezy you to death hugs. I love them! Cute kid.

Brock got sick the other night. It was the worst thing, so far, that I have had to witness him go through. It was awfully, and painfully sad. He woke up at 1 am and was crying pretty hard. He'll do this on occasion, wake up in the night crying, and I just let him cry it out and he'll go back to sleep fairly quickly.  This night, however, he cried and cried harder and harder. I was pretty much dead asleep, but didn't let him cry for very long because I could tell that something wasn't right.  I went in to find him standing up puking over the side of the bed. He had already thrown up in hid bed all over his blankets and now was throwing up on the floor.  He had this look on his face like, "WHAT IS HAPPENING, SAVE ME MOMMY!" So I quickly picked him up and held him, puke and all.  It was so sad. I got him undressed and put him in the tub while I cleaned up myself and his room and everything.  I got him out of the tub and put him in clean jammies and laid him in his rocking chair while I finished cleaning up his room.  He threw up in his chair and all over himself.  I sat him up and went to go grab a rag and then he fell off the chair and landed on his face. Oh my, I'm so sorry Brocky. It was early and I wasn't thinking clearly. Poor little kid. It was the worst thing ever.  After we got all that cleaned up I laid out towels on my bed and brought him into bed with me.  Every half hour about, or 45 minutes he would start to whimper and say, "I don't want it mommy, no mommy, I don't want it..." So I'd scoop him up and rollover the side of the bed and he'd throw up into a bucket. Most of the time we'd make it in.  But I was doing laundry most of the next day because of all the times we missed. He went through 4 pairs of jammies, 5 or 6 blankets, 2 sets of sheets, and lots of towels. I really couldn't believe that for such a small little guy he had that much in him.  I had to go into work that afternoon around 1 to finish up an ad and I had to take him with me. I thought he was ok because he hadn't thrown up since 8 am, but he wasn't ok. He threw up on the floor in my office. Pardon my being gross, but it looked like blue cottage cheese.  I had been making him drink gatorade in between. One of the times he insisted on having milk, so I gave in.  So that's where the blue cottage cheese came from.  It was really such a sad experience. He didn't know what was going on the whole time and kept looking at me as if to say, 'why are you doing this to me.'  He was pretty much better later that same day, but really hasn't been the same since, as far as eating goes. He hasn't eaten very much at all the last couple days. I was just glad that he felt better for his birthday party.

Brock is talking so well. I am amazed by what he says every day. We were on a walk the other day and he heard a dog barking from behind a fence and he says, 'uh doggy sad, uh fence... uh mommy?' 'is, that doggy is sad because he's behind the fence...?' ha ha. I'm glad that even though I work almost full time and can't be with him as much as I would like to, that he is still being taught what he needs to learn every day. He can count to 10, and knows the color blue, and the letter B. (Kind of, he says blue for most colors and thinks that all letters are B. But at least he doesn't say truck, or ball for, what color or letter is this? Right?) He is a smart kid. But I know every parent thinks that about their kids, but he is. Even the doctor says so.

 (yes, that is a rock in his mouth)

Brock can say so many things really well, the basics, mommy, daddy, doggy, Nanna, Poppy, happy, sad, cars, ball, Gigi, please, thank you, bless you, bubbles, outside, juice, so many things actually. Too many to list really. He'll say anything you ask him to, just some things make more sense than others. 

Here are a few of the things he says, that others go, 'what did he say?' Or the ones I think are so funny. He says lots of other things not mentioned however, so don't feel bad if your name isn't on this list. ha ha.

Brock - Bock (used to be butts, then buck, now Bock)
Paige - Peeg
Phil - Fee oh
Makell - Ah tel
Gerritt - Gedditt
Kacie - Ehnt doe (aunt Jo)
Cortney - Binny
Great Grandma - Gigi
Grandma - Bah ma
Colby - T B
Marie - Ah wee
Michelle - Ah sell
Chelsea - Teh see
Aaron - Eh win
Avery - Ay wee
Halle - Hadee
Lindsey - Linny
Drake - Deek
Natalie - Nah oh wee
Ella - Edda
Nicki - Ninnie
Cooper - Ooper
Lightning McQueen - Yightneen Mi fween (with an emphasis on FWEEN)
clean - keen
candy - dandy
yes - yeees
airplane - eh mane
bicycle -  bye sa so
popsicle - pah di does
motorcycle - moe dah joe
elephant - hama nint
alligator - ah da der
oatmeal - emo
watermelon - wahermenin, recently changed to ah mennin
grapes - geeps
milk - meck
chocolate milk - chalk a meck
ice cream - i peen
blankie - buddy (my favorite thing his says)
all semi trucks - mac
bird - diddy
big bird - big diddy
frog - fwock
chitty chitty bang bang - chi ee bane (a car movie, a new favorite, go figure)
movie - moo ees
Aladin - Ah din
Shrek and Fionna - Shek ah Eee own a
What does a duck say? - fock fock fock (no lie)

...apparently we have problems with Q's. But I love his little voice.

Happy Birthday Buddy!! We are so happy you are in our family. We love you Brock!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Brock turned two in October and my sister Makell took his pictures. I've already posted most of them.

 Brock's 2nd birthday. Cars theme.

One of my best friends, Natalie, and I ran the Layton 10k.  It was a lot of fun.  I want to do more 10k's, I've done a bunch of 5k's, but this was my first 10k and I loved it. Thanks for inviting me Nat.

My dad got us a cabin up in Heber for a few nights. We had a bawl. Seriously. It was one of the funnest trips we've been on in a while.  My whole family was there with spouses and we played games, ate tons of yummy food, all provided by my parents, my mom's homemade cooking YUM!!! played a few wicked games of soccer on the ginormous deck, went for a few bike rides, and runs, hung out in the hot tub, stayed up late, played the cookie game. It was so much fun. I love my family.

There were deer all over the place, and one night we saw a moose, but it was dark and far away so we couldn't get a good picture of it.

Our room

The deck of our room

The mounds of stuff we crammed into our car to bring up to the cabin, everything but the kitchen sink.

Our lovely cook in the large kitchen.

The ginormous deck, mentioned earlier. This was where we played our wicked games of soccer. Lots of fun.

The cookie game... ha ha ha  You try to get the cookie into your mouth from your forehead without using your hands. It was so fun!

Brock even joined in on the fun.

The loft brock and darrik climbed up into and hid.

Hot tub!

We also got family pictures while we were up there.
  Best family vacation ever. I want to make this a family tradition.  We were also up there over Cortney's birthday. Happy Birthday Cort!!

On conference Sunday in between sessions we went for a hike up the mountains by my parents house.

Brock had fun throwing rocks

They found a dead snake

Where we went there was this sign... CLSED KEEP OUT THAK YOU... ha ha ha we went in there anyway. We figured, if you can't spell, the sign is null and void, right? ha ha ha

Halloween!!!  Brock was a pirate.  He doesn't even know what a pirate is, but I was a slacker mom and waited until the last possible moment to find something and this was all they had left. Don't get me wrong, he was a way cute pirate, it just wasn't my first choice. I wanted him to be a race car driver, or buzz light year, because he knows who they are and LOVES them.

Brock was so cute this year.  He loved trick-or-treating. He would say, trick-or-treat and got so excited when they gave him a handful of candy.  He could have done it all night. He also kept singing 'Happy Birthday' to the pumpkins because they had candles in them. So funny.

I dressed up too.

Nanny, Binny and Brock

Ok, so the funniest thing EVER. My sister and her husband dressed up as my mom and dad for Halloween.  She secretly stole my  mom's pajamas and went and bought cheap fake glasses. They came to my mom's house to trick-or-treat and I died laughing. I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants, I was rolling on the floor. Hilarious.

She also had accessories to go with her costume. Dr. Pepper, Imodium AD, and a remote controller for the t.v. It was seriously SO funny.

And Brock broke my phone... good news, my friend Natalie's husband gave me his old iphone. So that was pretty awesome, and I love it!! Seriously. I LOVE my phone. I use it for every possible thing you can imagine.