Friday, February 27, 2009


We were able to go with friends to Bear Lake for Valentines. We had a lot of fun sledding, eating, playing games, eating, freezing, sleeping, eating, playing the wii, laughing, staying up late, getting our cars stuck, eating, cooking, taking pictures, and did I mention eating?

The gang!

Each couple was in charge of a meal with another couple. We had yummy food every day, every meal and lots of it. Sarah and Bruce Weaver were in charge of dinner Valentines night.

I can't take credit for any of the dinner, I was in the kitchen helping, but just doing what I was told. Sarah and Bruce were the master minds. If you look close in this picture you can see our friend Ceara in the reflection of the mirror... what are you doing??? hahahaha

(close up)

(back to dinner...) HOLY COW!!! YUM! They made fillet mignon with this cheesy sauce and caramelized onions with mushrooms and garlic over the top, asparagus, shrimp and rolls and for dessert we had pie from marie calendars, key lime and chocolate turtle. Delicious!! Thanks guys!

We also had tons of junk to eat. I made homemade oreo cookies with pink filling for valentines! YUM! Ashley made those rice crispy treat bars with chocolate on top super YUM! There was a trail mix with m&m's in it, laffy taffy, gummy bears, all kinds of crap to eat. And I ate it all!

The first night we were up there was super cold. The cabin is heated using a wood burning stove, so it takes a while to heat up. Darrik and I had to cuddle all night to keep warm. If we would have kept the door to our room open we would have been fine. But we didn't know. The next night was perfect, nice and warm.

Warming up by the fire

This is how Lisette slept to keep warm.

Brocky bundeled up to stay warm.

We stayed up late both nights playing the wii, five crowns, some of the boys played call of duty, and we played other fun games. I LOVE GAMES!! I think I could play them every night.

Very intent...

On Saturday we went sledding!!!!

The boys found this spot where we could drive to the top, sled down, down, down (it was so long and turny and bumpy and fun, fun, fun!!!) and at the bottom the truck would be there and we would all pile in the back and they would take us back up to the top. No walking at all. It was great!! Thanks Jared and Lisette for driving the truck. They took turns of course so they both could sled.

Thanks Millers for a very fun trip and a very memorable Valentines! We had a blast.

I love making sugar cookies every year for valentines. Well, we try to do it every year. I don't know why it is always so hard to actually accomplish this. But this year was no exception. I babysit my friends two kids on Thursdays and I took them to my aunts house to make cookies. We spent the morning trying to find the recipe, then trying to decide which recipe to use, and then they made them while I babysat the kids. But by the time the dough was made and had chilled it was time for me to go home. So I took some dough and frosting home to make them another time. I made the cookies before hand to take up to the cabin and I tried to make them with my friends little girl up there, but she ended up being sad when we were going to start. Finally I just frosted them by myself when I got home. A lot of them were broken, but this is what I managed to get out of all of them. Not too shabby. I usually do different colors other than pink, but I was in a hurry to get them done.

I am so grateful to share Valentines with friends, but also to share it with my boys, Darrik and Brock. I love you guys.
This is Brock's first Valentines.

Happy Valentines everyone!

20 week top 20

20 weeks old doesn't really seem like such a huge deal, but I thought it would be fun to share the top 20 things I love about Brock. (Brock was 20 weeks old on February 19th, I've just been a little slow in posting)

I love...

1. His new trick, chewing, not sucking, his thumb.

2. When I un wrap him in the morning from his burrito, or after his nap, and he stretches that huge, baby, arch his back in half with his arms up by his head stretch. I love that!

3. That he is so silly and gets a kick out of the things I do to him. When I put sunglasses on his face, he laughed really hard. And he loves to be upside down for some reason. Such a silly boy!
4. His red, crazy, fluffy hair.

5. How excited he is to see me, any time during the day. His little face just beams and he swats his arms up and down way fast.

6. His sweet smiles, and the fact that he smiles all day long, and is happy almost all of the time.
7. When he talks from behind his binki and his giggles.

8. His other new trick, grabing his binki or any toy and banging it up and down so fast. He gets so excited and is really exploring every part of his body.

I just thought this picture as cute. 'No more pictures MOM'

9. When he reaches for my face and smiles, and pats my cheeks.

10. When he goes to sleep he will grunt and sigh, almost like he is singing himself to sleep.

11. His big beautiful blue eyes.

12. That he sleeps through the night and has since the hospital. He is such a wonderful baby!

13. When I change his diaper he will hug my arm into himself, and sometimes won’t let go.

14. That he puts everything he can into his mouth.

15. That he is so alert and aware of his surroundings.

16. That he loves his daddy. 17. That he loves his jumperoo. He can bounce in there forever. He is so funny in it too. He’ll look over at you to see if you are watching and then go crazy… jumpy, jumpy, jumpy!!

18. That he is such a big boy. Four and a half months and he is 17 lbs, and about 27 inches long. He is going to take after his Grandpa Q.

19. When he is hungry he makes this grunt sound and will grab at my shirt until he gets fed.

20. When he is all done nursing he pulls off, looks up at me and smiles.

And what I love most of all is that he is OURS!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

My birthday was February 6. I had a wonderful 27th birthday. Yes I said 27th. I know to some 27 is not that old, but 27 feels so old to me. But I had a very nice day nevertheless.

Darrik woke me up with breakfast in bed. My favorite, french toast. Darrik makes the best french toast. Never mind the hair.
I went to my moms for lunch. She picked up food from FireHouse Pizza. I had yummy pasta with artichokes and spinach in it. Yum! Thanks mom!

My cute mom gave me this apron. I love it!!

That night Darrik took me to the roof. I have eaten there before in High School, but it has been a long time since then. The food was delicious.
Look at the view from our table. Breath taking.
Our friends Jared and Lisette came with us. Please ignore the greeting from Jared.
My sister Kacie babysat Brock, and they also got a sitter for their kids, so we had a very nice evening with no children. Bonus!
On our way home we 'had to stop by the Pace's to leave something for Tyson'. That was just a cover up to get me there. All our friends were there with cake and ice cream and games. Good work honey. Thanks everyone who came, I had a fun night.
Saturday night our friends the Parks, Lance and Marie and Carson, took us to Red Robin for dinner for my birthday.
They brought me a huge sundae. YUM!! Then we went back to their house for games. What a fun night.

I recieved many Happy Birthday texts, posts on my facebook wall and birthday cards in the mail. My favorite text was my sister singing Happy Birthday. A couple of friends took me out to lunch, that really meant a lot to me. I have such great friends and family.

My cute sister-in-law Chelsea made me this super cute camera strap for my camera. I love it.
I had a really good birthday. Thanks to everyone who helped make my day a special one. I love you all.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Brock's 4 Month Pictures

There are more pictures, but these ones are the best ones. He did really well for the most part. After we changed his outfit from the red to the blue, he wasn't as happy, so we didn't get very many good blue outfit pictures. But for the most part I was happy with the results.