Friday, April 17, 2009

Hit Me Baby One More Time!!!

If you guessed Britney Spears, you guessed right! There are many other posts I should catch up on right now, but before I forget I wanted to document this moment.

My wonderful friend Nicole invited Marie and me to go to the Britney Spears concert with her Tuesday night. I'm not a huge fan of Britney, but I don't hate her either, and I heard her concerts are SO fun to go to. And I do like a lot of her songs and I love to DANCE!!! So I was all for going to the concert.I have to admit though, when I heard that others were going to this concert before I got the invite and I made fun of them... ha ha ha. Shame on me!

My husband kept making fun of me saying, you are so excited aren't you? And I'd sheepishly half smile and say yes. I love going to concerts. We got a lot of flack from our husbands about going to hang out with a lot of 15 year old girls. But we didn't care.

ANYWAY... so we get there and found our seats up, up, up about 10 rows from the top and hung out to watch the Pussy Cat Dolls perform. They were super tiny on the stage. We seriously needed binoculars. They did a decent job and we danced and sang along. We did the best we could to see them from the nose bleed section. But we were having fun none the less.
This is us. Sitting UP with the nose bleeders.

In between the PCD and Britney there was a short intermission and we saw this lady walking up the stairs with a badge on and tickets in her hands. We started freaking out, I don't know why we thought we could, but we started screaming 'take us down there, take us to the couches, pick me pick me!!!!!' Seriously FREAKING out!!! She said, 'how many of you are there?' We said three. AND THEN SHE TOLD US TO COME WITH HER!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! We didn't even hesitate, we grabbed our stuff and ran down the stairs after her. Marie even forgot her umbrella.

We went from this:
Enter portal DD (which is upstairs) row 11, bring your binoculars, see the ant show.

To this:
Center ring, row B, on the stools, smell the sweat, feel the heat ENJOY THE SHOW!!!

This was our view from the floor. You can't even see where we were sitting. Those people paid about $500 a piece to sit there. SUCKERS!! Ha ha ha

We got VIP wrist bands and ticket sot sit on the stools right behind the couches right behind the stage. There was the stage, then row A (the couches) row B (US on the stools) a rather large walk way.... then row 1. We were on row B!! Our own private little section to sit if we wanted to or to stand and dance in this little area, actually quite large for dancing. I was already excited, but this was seriously so cool! Stuff like this doesn't happen to me that often.

Our wrist bands. Not a very good picture. Both of our camera's died, so this is taken with my phone.

Britney did a fantastic job. She is a really good entertainer. Of course she was a little scandalous, which was to be expected. It's Britney Spears for crying out loud. She didn't wear much, basically lingerie. But I think her dancers were worse than she was and the intermission movies/songs made me want to look the other way. But overall I had a really fun time. I danced a LOT! and I loved that. We were seriously so close. WE got some really great pictures. No zoom, or very little required.

There was this crazy kid, so I got my picture with him. I wasn't quite ready... nice face :)

Thanks Nicole for a great night!