Monday, August 24, 2009

Swimming Lessons for the Brock Man!

 Swimming Lessons at Surf n Swim (8)

Brock took swimming lessons with some friend of ours from our ward.  We all had a blast each day at our lessons.


(Marie, Carson, Brooke, Lani, Jaimee, Halia, Kellie, Cooper, Michelle, Colby, Kami, and Brock) 

You might think it is too early for Brock to be taking swimming lessons, but he LOVED it, and did surprisingly well.  He took a second to warm up to the water, but not too long.  He loved when I’d put him on his back and say, kick kick kick.  He would close his eyes and just kick away. We put a noodle under his head and he just kicked in circles with a big grin on his face. 


Swimming Lessons at Surf n Swim (6)

I would dunk him a couple times each lesson, and he didn’t even cry.  He was born to swim.  Our little fish.

I think it’s good for kids to learn how to swim at an early age. I took lessons when I was really little too and I am so glad I knew how to swim all my life. I was never afraid of the water growing up. I hope Brock will enjoy swimming and being in the water since we are a big boating and water activity family. 


Brock loved playing with the toys after lesson time.  Here he is with his favorite toy, a Bah!


We tried to get a picture of these three, but Lani wasn’t having it.


Here’s Halia and Brock




Aunt Cortney came to play on the last day of lessons. She is so good with kids and loves Brock. Thanks for coming to play Cort.

We love our little fish. We hope he can take swimming lessons again very soon.