Thursday, April 1, 2010

Amusing April

My sister-in-law Chelsea invited us to come to an Easter egg hunt with her and her friends.  We all brought 10 filled eggs and then some of the moms went out and hid them for all the kids.  We had a blast, Brock especially.

Chelsea, Halle and Avery

Brock was so excited when he figured out that there was candy inside the eggs.  

He put a piece of candy in his mouth without taking the wrapper off first.

Oh no mommy, yucky!!

See the wrapper? ha ha ha

Wahoo!! a ball, my favorite.  They got tonz of treats, and they were happy to share with each other.

We always have to have Brock and Avery kissy pictures.

Easter morning for Brock. The Easter Bunny brought lots of fun things.

This is what the Easter Bunny brought mom.  The Easter bunny packed up a bunch of fun things and sent them to Kansas for daddy as well (but forgot a picture).

We went to my mom's after church and I hid some eggs for Brock out front.  Being the brilliant mom that I am, I forgot Brock's shoes.  So we improvised with bags. 

Then we borrowed from my mom's neighbors, and then I made a run to Walmart and bought him some. Don't judge me. The borrowed ones were too big, and we were going to a family party down at Sugarhouse park later that day. It was rainy and muddy, he needed shoes. So I shopped on Sunday. Probably won't be the last time.

My friend Natalie had her baby in April.  Ella Grace Openshaw. What a cutie!

Doves flew into our house in April... so crazy.

Brock was so scared of them.  It was so sad.

We went up to Morgan for church before Darrik and Deareld headed back to Kansas.  We were in our church clothes so I set up the camera on the car and got a few pictures before he left. They turned out way cute. Even with my small camera. 

We had a ward party at Classic Skating. I was so sad, I forgot my roller blades. So we roller skated instead.  Still fun.

Brock was bored, apparently... ha ha ha

Brock and Colby had some fun.

After our party the roller derby chicks showed up.  check out these shorts.

My friend Michelle watched Brock one day for me, (lots of days for me) but one night after watching him we met up with Marie and her boys and went bowling at the Weber State bowling alley.  The kids were so funny with the balls and their cute little shoes.

On our way out Brock was running and fell and smacked his head on the concrete.  You can kind of see it in this picture. Poor kid, I say that a lot don't I? Poor Brockers is always getting hurt.  He is just curious, and has no fear. I love his energy. He was out cold by the time we got home.  Long, fun day!

Brock stole a princess wand at Walmart one night while we were getting groceries.  I could have put it back, but he tore off the tag and ate it... so I paid for it and I'm pretty sure it only got one use. I haven't seen it since. But He loved it for a night. It played "Bibitty bobbity boo" and lit up with lots of colors. 

In this picture he is showing me how he can put his feet on his arm rests.  Silly kid.

And now I will eat my feet.

Brock's little friend Lily's fairy party.


Galoshes with his jammies, awesome!

Two calls at once. This kid is so popular. He's on his phone all the time. ha ha ha

We took the binky away in April.  Brock was 18 months old. We just did it cold turkey. I just cut the end off one day and told him it was broken.  He took it and threw it in the garbage and only mentioned it once or twice after that.  I know everyone is different, but I'm so glad we got rid of the binky when we did.  It was a bit of a transition and I loved being able to 'mute' him when needed. But the binky had to go. I'm just not a fan of kids having a binky until their 4 years old. That's just me though.

Bye bye bi bi.

Brock the bucket head ran right into the wall, ha ha ha.

Brock LOVES Shrek!!

Loves talking to daddy while he was in Kansas.

Loves being naked.

Making messes.

Loves bubbles. (and eating them?)