Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lake Powell!!

I'm very sad to say, but I didn't take very many picture during this trip. We had a fabulous trip (Thanks to Marie and Michelle for making this happen) but I did not do justice in documenting. My camera was acting up most of the time and I don't know what other excuses I have. Most of the pictures on here are 'borrowed' from other people on our trip. Hope you guys don't mind. (p.s. the picture above is borrowed from the internet)

This is us just chilling in the house boat, compliments of Michelle and Marie's parents. They were so kind to let us stay on their houseboat for a few days. Thanks guys! Look at the huge belly.

We had many exciting adventures on this trip. It was far from your ordinary Lake Powell adventure. The picture above is what we slept with each night... just kidding. But they were all over the outside of the house boat and all over the slip. But never fear...

Kami to the rescue with her mighty broom. We were going to sleep up on the top of the house boat, but when we found out what was creeping up there, we thought again.

This is the girls dumpster diving! Lance thought one of the bags of toys was garbage and the mistakingly threw it away. So we went searching.

We found it!! YAY!! Now we'll have happy babies.

You are probably wondering what this is a picture of. Aparently it is a very important part to our ski boat, however, I couldn't give you a name. The one on the right is what it is supposed to look like. The one on the left is what was left of ours... This piece helps cool the engine. The second day we got there we took two runs on the boat and the engine overheated. Two runs and our boat was a goner. We decided to only take one boat down there because there was another one there for us to use if we needed it, but now were were down one boat. Bummer, on the second day. But, good thing we had Lance there to save us. He was able to take things apart and find the problem and put in this new part. Thanks Lance, you saved the day!

This is Lance. I don't have a picture of our next adventure, but it also has to do with Lance...poor guy. Michelle and Marie's dad's boat was down at Lake Powell, as I mentioned. They park it on a dry dock up a ways from where we were. We wanted an extra boat for the next day because we had planned to go up the canyon, and wanted everyone to be able to come and fit comfortably. I know I don't have all the facts correct, but I'll do my best. Lance went up with two other guys to get the boat, and after a while the boys came back and Lance was still out there with the boat. He is perfectly capable to drive the boat back to where we were so we didn't worry too much until it started getting late, and dark. For some reason Justin (Michelle's husband) felt like he needed to go look out off the back of the house boat. Sure enough there was Lance waving his arms from the tires. His boat had died clear back around the corner and he had jumped in, swam to the tires and had ran around to get help. In his travels, he slipped a few times and lost a sandal. Darrik got in our boat and drove out to rescue him, and tow their boat back to us. Never a dull moment. Our next adventure is about what happened when we took these four (Chelsea, Michelle, Sarah, and D) out on a tubing ride. After Lance fixed their parents boat, we took it out for a spin. These four decided they would go first. We got out there just past the tires and the boat overheated. We sat for a while and tried again, but still too hot. So Lance jumped in and started swimming back to the house boat. Then Darrik jumped in after him. Bailey (Lance and Marie's dog) then jumped in too and started swimming after the two of them. It was crazy. The boat had to be towed in again. We went out after that on our boat and went crazy trying to knock them off the tube. Like insane crazy. We had little Carson (Lance and Marie's little boy) on the boat with us and he got car sick and started throwing up all over Lance. Lance started dry heaving, and then I started getting sick as well. Ha ha ha ha!! It was a crazy, exciting, fun trip!!

Here are some pictures of our boys fishing. They caught a bunch of stuff. Darrik caught a small mouth bass, a catfish, a carp and one other fish I can't remember the name of. They had a good time.

Another one of the adventures of Lake Powell was my adventure. I don't know what happened to me, or if I was allergic or heat rash or what, but I was ichy during our trip for no good reason. When I got home, I noticed I had hives all over my body. YIKES!! They have been slowly going away, but I've been using hyrdacortizone, aveno body wash and benodryl like mad. CRAZY!! The doctor isn't too concerned with it because it is going away, but if it's still bad at my next appointment I will have to have blood drawn... ahhhhh! I hate that.

Here's a few pictures of our crew! Justin and Michelle

Marie and Carson

Chelsea and Sheldon

Sarah and Lily

Candice and Jason

Other Random Pictures

We love Lake Powell!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Best Friends!!

For Father's day my sisters and I decided to take a sister's picture and frame it for our dad. My sister Makell was the amazing photographer. She would set up the camera, lighting and such and then my mom would say 'sit up straight, big eyes, suck your gut in, fix your hair, smile etc..' and then push the button. Makell also edited them in photoshop after. She is brilliant. Besides the fact that I am pregnant, I think they turned out super good, and my dad loved them. It is always my goal to make him cry and we did. He is such a softy, but I love him for that.

Makell loves feet pictures, so here's our feet.

This picture was cool because Makell cropped Paiges arm (in the teal) from being outsretched to just showing her hand. Incredible!
This was the last place we took pictures and we were SO ornery. The water was freezing and we couldn't get in the spots where the spacing looked right, and everyone was either laughing because it was taking so long, or pissed off because we were laughing, or because they were in the icy water, or getting mud on their pants... hahahaha. So we just took one shot, and this goofy one and called it a day. I don't know what I am doing with my face, but oh well, we had fun!