Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mr. Z is 1 month old

Lots of love in our house for this little guy. Zander has been a lot of fun. Brock has to be right by him all the time. He asks about him constantly. "Where's my Z?, What's Sander (can't quite get the Z) doing?, Sander coming with us?, Sander sleeping? Sander happy? You want to see my baby? You want to touch my brother?" Brock absolutely adores his little brother. He also loves to torment him. I didn't have brothers, but I'm guessing this is what they do? He likes to flick his binky out of his mouth, unwrap him from his blankets, poke his soft spot, wake him up, throw his binky, yell really loud right in his face when he's sleeping...

Zander is a healthy baby. He is gaining weight really well. He eats really good. 5-7 times a day. He was 8 lbs 3 oz at his 3 week (supposed to be 2 week) appointment. He is still sleeping really well. Eats usually around 10 PM and sleeps until about 5 or 6 AM. Sometimes until 8.  He has been a little bit gassy. It's really sad because he screams bloody murder for about 10 seconds, then calms down for a few minutes, then wails out again. We keep the gripe water close at hand.

He likes to cuddle. I love this. Brock never did. It's hard now to cuddle him though because Brock wants all the attention. As soon as I'm done feeding Zander, Brock wants him back in his bed, or in his bouncer. I try to get the cuddle time though before Brock wakes up and after he goes to bed at night.

Zander is still in new born clothes. Brock was in new born clothes for about 5 days, so it's been fun to be able to dress him in all of his cute things a couple of times. He is growing really well, but he is still so tiny and I love it.

Here's some pictures from his first month... in no order what so ever...

 Brock took this picture... ha ha.

 Never mind the hole in his crotch...

 All bundeled up for our walk to the duck pond.

Hated his first bath. He screamed the entire time. I think the water might have been too cold. He hasn't cried at all during his other baths.

 With Cousin Evi. I can't believe how big she's getting. Cute cousins!

 This one's blurry, it's from my phone. But it's pretty funny...

 Poor baby belly button. It just started bleeding one day. I woke up to find it like this.

Cutest face ever!!

We love you little Z!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Zander Scott Robbins

7 lbs 2 oz
19" long

This is long overdue. Zander is almost 1 month old now and has been such a joy to have in our home. 

Zanders actual due date was October 17, one week later than Zander was born. We had a C-section scheduled since there were some complications last time,  and it was looking like the same thing again this time.

 The night before Zander was born. 39 weeks.

 We got to the hospital at 5:30 for the C-section scheduled at 7:30 am. The doctor ended up being a little late and we couldn't start until 8:45.  I had been scared about being cut open again, the IV, the needles and all of that, but it was so early that I was mostly focused on how tired I was. When we found out the delivery was moved back I got really nervous.  I had received a blessing from Darrik the night before, so I knew everything was going to be okay, but it was still a scary thing for me.

The nurse came in around 6:30 to put my IV in and I'm not even joking, this was the most painful part. She put it in the top of my hand and once it was in she had to wiggle it around A LOT to get the blood to come out enough to fill two vials. I am a huge baby when it comes to this sort of thing and I almost passed out. They had to put me on oxygen because I was so light-headed. It really did hurt so bad.

We got into the operating room at 8:30. I received my spinal shot about 8:40. I was scared for this, but I barely felt it, and then I felt nothing. That was nice.

The doctor came in at 8:45 to start and Zander was born at 8:57. 12 min later. I could feel pressure on my abdomen, pulling, and tugging and the doctor said, "he's almost out." shortly after that I heard him cry for the first time. A cry I have never heard, but yet I knew was my baby. He was out, he was okay, he was crying like he was supposed to. I couldn't help it, I just started bawling uncontrollably (and I'm crying now). I could feel this incredible love for this child that I've never met, but I knew him.

They held him up over the sheet and I saw my bald baby boy for the first time. He was perfect, and so tiny. My second little red head.

Zander is such a good baby. I am so blessed with angel babies. I really feel undeserving, but it's true. Brock slept about 7 hours the first night in the hospital and did every night since then and Zander is just following suit. Zander ate that first night at 9:30 and finished around 10:15, and I sent him to the nursery so I could sleep for a little while. Then promptly at 1:00 am, the nurse bright him to me and said, "he's hungry mom!" I cuddled him and gave him his binky and he fell immediately back to sleep and didn't wake up until about 5 am. He has kept this routine for the past two weeks. Last feeding around 9 or 10, and then sleeping until at least 5:00, sometimes later. I think being able to get some good rest is how I've been able to recover so quickly. So thanks Zander!

He is also eating like a champ. He latched on great the first time and just went to town like no body's business. He was already back up to his birth weight by his 5 day after the hospital checkup, actually 7 lbs 3 oz, so am ounce more than birth weight. So the doctor gave me permission to let him sleep as long as he does since he is still gaining good weight.

Zander brought Brock a toy, a Buzz Lightyear!! Brock thought his new brother was pretty cool.  Brock really loves his little brother, almost too much.  He is a big helper and always wants to do things for him. Every time Brock hears Zander cry he will run to where ever he is and on his way say, 'I'm coming Z, I help you.' He is also a stinker and probably feeling left out. He's been acting up a lot more. Yanking Zander's binky out and throwing it across the room, or poking his soft spot. It's been fun and also a challenge trying to help him adjust to a new brother.  I know they will be best buds. Brock says things every day about helping Zander grow up to be big and strong like him so they can play. He always wants to show him to everyone and ask them if they want to touch his brother. He says about a hundred times a day, 'he's so cute!' It's really sweet.

Zander had a tiny bit of jaundice at birth, but didn't have to do any treatments. It's just got better on its own. He doesn't spit up that much. I think in two weeks he's spit up 10 times, and it has only been a little bit. He really doesn't cry too much. He did, however, hate cold baby wipes, and would pitch a huge fit every time he got changed. He also pooped 5 times that first day and ended up getting a diaper rash. That made him sad as well. He still poops a lot, like a lot a lot, and we have to keep the butt paste handy. But other then that he is a happy baby.

He has slept a lot these last two weeks, as new borns do. When he is awake he just looks around the room, just content. He fusses a little when he's hungry. On occasion, he'll get pretty mad if I'm taking my time getting to him to feed him, but he can be calmed down with his binky pretty well.

In his car seat for the first time to go home. Paige made this cool car seat blanket. It has holes in it so the car seat straps can go through it. It's a clover shape so you can wrap him up tight. I love it.

There were lots of crazy people at the hospital to see Zander for the first time. We really appreciate the visitors.

Zander's name sake. This is my dad, Scott. We gave Zander his name for a middle name.

Thanks for coming to share this special time with us. It was really nice to have visitors at the hospital. I was there for 4 days and Darrik only took one day off of work. So I got lonely and kind of bored. You would think that I would have got this blog post done sooner, but I did take advantage of some good sleep time.

 Welcome to the world little Z. You are loved very much, by so many people. We can't wait to watch you grow and develop. We love you so much.

Thanks for all the help we've received.  We have had so many meals, help with Brock, help with my housework, presents, diapers, clothes, toys, treats. We are truly blessed. Thank you for your generosity. It really means a lot to us.

Love you Z!