Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Sad Baby

Brock has been sick this last week with a cold.  When he was about 6 months old he got a pretty bad cold and we took him in for a checkup.  We couldn't see our regular doctor, so a PA helped us. Anyway, long story short, he was mis-diagnosed and we took him back in 3 days later and were 1 oxygen point off of rushing to the hospital. His oxygen was so low. They did 3 breathing treatments at the doctor's office and then sent us home with a nebulizer and meds. Ever since then when Brock gets a cold with a cough, it hits his lungs SO hard and gets this really nasty cough.  We just give him breathing treatments and it usually goes away pretty quick.

(This was the way we used to do treatments, but we got a new mask. I think it's been better)

This one started about the same, at least I thought, but we were out of Albuterol for his breathing treatments, so we had to go in for a check up to get more. We saw a random doctor because we went in on a Saturday, and last minute.  She asked me some questions, loss of appetite - yes, diarrhea - no, fever - no, runny nose - yes.  She looked in his ears, and listened to his chest. She said his lungs sounded crackly, so that's why she prescribed the steroid, and the antibiotic just in case something was growing in his lungs, pneumonia etc. She prescribed an antibiotic and a steroid and more Albuterol.  She said his oxygen levels were good, 95-96, but still wanted to do a breathing treatment there at the clinic.  He usually does pretty good with treatments.  I had him watch Astro Boy on my phone and he sat pretty still for the first little while. Near the end he started freaking out and wanted to be done.  When he gets mad, his whole face gets flush, and his ears get really red.  We were just about done there, we finished the treatment and she was giving us our prescriptions and then she feels his head, and he was warm, because he had been freaking out from the breathing treatment.  So then she says, "do you want me to give him a tama test?" So I said, "What? like Swine flu?" She said, "Yes. The treatment will be the same, if he has the flu it's too late to give him the Tama meds, but I don't think he has it, he just feels warm..." Is that weird? As an after-thought, maybe he has swine flu...? So I asked what we would do if he did have it, and she said nothing. With all the meds she prescribed and with it being 4 days later from his first symptoms, cough, runny nose, cold symptoms, and the fact that he never had a fever, he was most likely fine. So I said, nah, if you think he's fine, we don't need to run the test. Was that a bad thing? Should I have had the test ran, just to be on the safe side?  I asked if he was contagious and she said, no more than a regular cold. So I didn't think we needed to. I kept him home from activities and church, so I think we are fine.

The gave him a mask when he first got there because he was coughing so much and so loud. I kept saying, "cover  you mouth" so the nurse said, "do you want a mask so your mommy doesn't have to keep asking you to cover your mouth?" he said yes, but wore it for about a minute.

Anyway, so he's been sad lately. He found an old binky in his diaper bag and held it up as if he had just found a buried treasure, big eyes, huge grin and a little giggle of excitement. He put it in his mouth, grabbed Buddy (his little blanket) and ran into his room and climbed up into his bed. I followed him and asked him what he was doing, and he pulled his binky out and said, "I go ni-night mommy." He has NEVER done this.  It was so sad.  I felt so bad for him.  He was not feeling well.

After a few days of meds he seems to be doing better. Darrik says he has been pale lately, and he still hasn't had much of an appetite. He also still has a pretty deep cough, but it's no where near as frequent.  I just want him to be all better and be my happy, funny kid again. This sad, ornery, emotional, clingy kid was only fun for the first few days. But I still love him!!