Monday, March 1, 2010

March Memories

Darrik turned 30 on March 7, 2010.  We didn't do anything huge because he's not really in to that sort of thing like I am. We went to Boondocks to play and told anyone who wanted to, to come play with us.  We did arcade games, bowling, and go-carts. We had a ton of fun.

Here is Darrik's cake.  I was late ordering one, so I had to choose from the St. Patrick's day cakes. Still cute. 

The birthday boy!

Darrik's mom brought over a cake for him as well.  She had hid money in the cake.  I didn't get a picture of the cake before he destroyed it, but it had fake piles of dirt and cars and a race type track on it. It was cute.  When Darrik found out that she hid his birthday money in the cake he went to town searching.  He completely demolished the cake. 

Finally, he figured out that the money was rolled up tiny and shoved into the straws that were used for the finish line. ha ha ha it was so funny. He destroyed his cake for nothing. Silly mom.

One night in March just playing with our boys. Darrik left a few days after these pictures were taken. So they were like going away pics. My dogs have huge mouths.

He won't eat you, I promise.

This is how Brock used to eat yogurt.

Love this kid!!

Some 18 month shots of Brock reading.

Brock loves books.

Easter outfit shots.

That is all for March!