Thursday, December 2, 2010

Brock's 2nd Birthday!!!

My little monster is 2 now... well, 2 and two months now.  We had a Disney's Cars themed birthday.  Brock LOVED it. He's completely obsessed with that movie and Lightning McQueen.

Here's the invitation I made:

I made all the cupcake toppers. My mother-in-law made all the cupcakes.

The cake:


The snake:

Brock's little friend got him a wooden snake for his birthday and he was so afraid of it. It was the funniest thing ever. He's since warmed up to it, but oh my gosh!!! He was a riot, scared like a little girl. hahahahaha  He actually go two snakes for his birthday, what are the odds. Fun stuff!


Two suckers at once.  Spoiled little kid. hahahaha

Happy Birthday Brock!! We sure love you.  Thanks to everyone who came, and thanks for the fun presents. Brock loved everything, well, except the snakes... ha ha ha. We sure have great family and friends. We love you all so much!!


The Johnson Family said...

Are you sure Brock is 2?!?! I swear he just turned 1, and you had that adorable monster party for him. WOW! How time flies! Happy Birthday Brock!

becky rigby said...

Kami oh my goodness, Brock's face in the picture with the snake is priceless. So funny! Cute decorations, you are so talented.

Val and Shauna Steed said...

Seriously cute invitations! I love inivitations. What a fun party. I also think it is funny when kids are scared of things like wooden snakes. A bit sadistic I guess, but oh well. Happy Birthday Brock!