Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brock and the Elmo card

Brock got a birthday card from Gram and Gramps up in Washington and he loved it!!! Thanks guys. (he also liked the money, well, we liked the money... we bought him some new shoes and a new jacket)

Monday, November 1, 2010


I decided one night that it would be fun to build a fort with Brock.  I used to make the most outrageous forts when I was little and I LOVED them. So why not. My mom never was a fan of them, they made a huge mess, but I'm the mom now and I still love them so we built this. A two room rambler complete with door and window. Brock thought it was so cool.  We got bread, and cookies, and fruit snacks and ate in our house.  We had a bawl.

Our friend Jillian Butler had an 80's birthday party for her husband Ryan at their gymnastics gym..  We cut steps in the sides of Brock's hair and spiked it on the side. Not the best cutting job by any means, he moved around a lot, but it was funny.   I put my hair in a side pony tail and Darrik didn't do anything, we didn't really have any clothes to wear. But we had fun.

We went over to the Pace's house one night to watch their girls while they went to their volleyball game.  Brock and Shaylee are 28 days apart and boyfriend and girlfriend.
This is them when Brock was 2 months and Shay was 1 month.

This is in January one month later, I think...

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my parents. My mom is an excellent cook, and so is everyone else who came. I have no pictures of people, just the food. It was such a yummy day.

Every year for the last 3 or so years my dad takes up in the mountains to shoot clay pigeons. This year it was pretty snowy and very cold.  We bundled up and headed up there. I love this picture of Brock.  His classic face, eyebrows raised and smiling. What a cutie.

He thought it was funny to chase me and throw snow on my and the camera. Silly kid.
Almost got me this time.

Paige and Garrett



Makell.  She was the best this year. She cleaned up after me and got everything I missed, and I missed a lot.

Kami and Makell

We came home that night and put up all our Christmas decorations while we watched Christmas movies.  Brock had a blast helping decorate, or un-decorate the tree.  He was so excited. But most of our decorations are ball shaped, so he wanted to throw most of them into the tree. So we didn't put all of the decorations on this year. 

This was our tree last year...

And  you'll see further down what it looked like this year.  Brock had way too much fun dis-mantling the tree, so we didn't put everything on we usually do.  I wanted to take out the purple and replace it with red, but didn't have enough money this year.  Most of the decor was purple. So we were left with silver, white and green. Maybe next year.

And there's November!